Sessions 2021

Digital Around the World 2021

Vinton Cerf

We are pleased that Vinton Cerf joined the Digital Around the World conference and gave a special message within the Opening session. Vinton G. Cerf is vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. He contributes to global policy development and the continued spread of the Internet. Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet.


Opening: Emerging Technologies for Digital Transformation in the COVID Era

Session panelists:

  • Sébastien Ziegler, Mandat International, Director at Mandat International and President of the IoT Forum
  • Vinton Cerf, Google, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google
  • Max Lemke, European Commission, Head of Unit for Internet of Things in Directorate General CONNECT
  • Tanya Suarez, AIOTI, Board Member of the AIOTI, Founder of the IoT Tribe, and CEO of BluSpecs
  • Chaesub Lee, ITU - International Telecommunication Union, Director of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

5G functionality for cross-border connected automated mobility

Session panelists:

  • Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum, Founder and President of the IPv6 Forum and IoT Forum Board Member
  • Fikret Sivrikaya, GT-ARC / TU Berlin, Research director of the German-Turkish Advanced Research Center for ICT (GT-ARC)
  • Camille Plestan, Vedecom, European Project Manager
  • Konstantinos Katsaros, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), Project Manager and Senior Researcher
  • Olga Segou, INTRASOFT International, Project Manager

Creating sustainable Cities

Session panelists:

  • Srdjan Krco, DunavNET, CEO of DunavNET and Vice-President of the IoT Forum
  • Tyson Echentile, SAS, Global Lead, IoT
  • Mohammed Essaaidi, ENSIAS Mohammed V University in Rabat, Professor
  • Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum, Founder and President of the IPv6 Forum and IoT Forum Board Member
  • Rodger Lea, UTA, Technical Director

Working with Digital Maturity

Session panelist:

  • Annabeth Aagaard, Aarhus University, Associate Professor - Research Director of Centre for Business Development

Digital Transformation by Means of Big Data, Marketplaces and Data Economy

Session panelists:

  • Martin Serrano, NUI Galway, Principal Investigator & Data Scientist at Insight Centre for data Analytics and Chair at i3-MARKET
  • Achille Zappa, I3-MARKEt Consortium – NUIGalway, Post-Doctoral Researcher at the National University of Ireland Galway
  • Gerrit Rosam, Leibniz University of Hannover, Project Manager and Business Developer
  • Bijan Yadollahi, CMCL Innovations, Applications Engineer
  • Ernesto Troiano, Forum Virium Helsinki, an Entrepreneur, IoT Evangelist and practitioner 

IoT Ecosystem Building and NGIoT Roadmap for IoT Research Innovation Deployment in Europe

Session panelists:

  • Sébastien Ziegler, Mandat International, Director at Mandat International and President of the IoT Forum
  • Damir Filipovic, AIOTI, Secretary General
  • Monique Calisti, Martel Innovate, CEO Martel Innovate & President Digital for Planet
  • Francesco Capparelli, Istituto Italiano per la Privacy e la Valorizzazione dei Dati, Fellow Researcher
  • Martin Brynskov, Aarhus University, Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies
  • Francisco Molina, Archimede Solutions, Research Analyst

Intelligent Trust and Identity Management towards a Secure IoT World – Research Challenges and Outcomes

Session panelists:

  • Konstantinos Loupos, INLECOM, Head of R&D Program
  • Antonio Skarmeta, ODIN SOLUTIONS S.L., CTO at Odin Solutions SL and IoT Forum Board Member
  • Sérgio Figueiredo, INSTITUTO PEDRO NUNES, Technical Project Manager
  • Christos Xenakis, University of Pireus, Professor, Department of Digital Systems

Future of Agrifood Industry

Session panelists:

  • Kevin Doolin, Walton Institute for Information and Communication Systems Science, Director of Innovation
  • Alexander Berlin, Berlin Thinking Consulting, CEO
  • Athanasios Poulakidas, INTRASOFT Intl, Senior R&I Manager
  • Branimir Rakic, Trace Labs, Founder & CTO
  • Srdjan Krco, DunavNET, CEO of DunavNET and Vice-President of the IoT Forum
  • Stefan Rilling, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems, Research Associate
  • Ioanna Roussaki, National Technical University of Athens(NTUA)/Institute of Communication and Computer Systems(ICCS), Professor

Fundamental research in the EU and the US on new concepts for distributed computing and swarm intelligence in the context of edge computing at device level and decentralised intelligence

Session panelists:

  • Rolf Riemenschneider, European Commission, Head of Sector, Internet of Things Unit, DG CONNECT
  • Sébastien Ziegler, Mandat International, Director at Mandat International and President of the IoT Forum
  • Gurdip Sighn, National Science Foundation, Division Director, Computer and Network Systems (CNS) CISE Directorate
  • Max Lemke, European Commission, Head of Unit for Internet of Things in Directorate General CONNECT
  • Marc Duranton, CEA, Member of the Digital Systems and Integrated Circuits Division of the Research and Technology Department
  • Haydn Thompson, THHINK, Managing Director and Owner
  • Jason Hallstrom, Florida Atlantic University, Executive Director of the I-SENSE
  • James Joshi, University of Pittsburgh, Professor of SCI and Program Director of the SaTC program NSF


IoT Cognitive Edge Based on Open Hardware: Concrete Examples of Large Scale Pilots in Brazil

Session panelists:

  • Gabriel Marao, Brazilian IoT Forum, President
  • Marcelo Knorich Zuffo, USP, Full Professor
  • Roseli de Deus Lopes, Polytechnic School of the USP, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Geovane Fedrecheski, University of São Paulo (USP), Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center on Interactive Technologies (CITI-USP)
  • Laisa Costa Paula de Biase, University of São Paulo (USP), Research and Development Engineer at LSI-TEC

IoT Cyber Security Framework deployed in Brazil

Session panelists:

  • Gabriel Marao, Brazilian IoT Forum, President
  • Vidal Zapparoli, Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Entrepreneur and Professor in the MBA of IoT at PECE
  • Eliana Cardoso Emediato de Azambuja, Government of Brazil, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, General Coordinator 


Full Migration to IPv6 Only: USG Policy and Technology Best Practices

Session panelists:

  • Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum, Founder and President of the IPv6 Forum and IoT Forum Board Member
  • Ralph Wallace, Verizon Public Sector, Principal Enterprise Architect (IPv6 Lead), Verizon Public Sector
  • Lawrence Hughes, Abbott, Ipv6 and Information Security Expert

Business and societal impact of Industrial AI

Session panelists:

  • Ana García, Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Secretary General
  • Thomas Hahn, Siemens, President of BDVA & Chief Expert Software @ Siemens AG
  • Julien Chiaroni, Grand Défi, Director
  • John Dyck, Smart Manufacturing Institute, CEO CESMII

International Collaboration for Research Infrastructure

Session panelists:

  • Pedro Ralda, IoT Forum, Program Coordinator of the IoT Forum and Slices SC Project Manager at the IoTLab
  • Abimanyu Gosain, PAWR Project Office College of Engineering Northeastern University, Technical Program Director
  • Cedric Crettaz, Mandat International, Lead Researcher in ICT
  • Brecht Vermeulen, Fed4FIRE+, Architect

Next Generation Internet

Session panelists:

  • James Clarke, Waterford Institute of Technology, EU Strategic Liaison Manager
  • Vince Kellen, UC San Diego, Chief Information Officer
  • Richard Brooks, Clemson University, Professor at the College of Engineering Computing and Applied Science
  • Marco Ruffini, Trinity College Dublin, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Rohi Sukhia, OBADA Foundation, Founder

Digital Transformation and Use Cases

Session panelists:

  • Stephen Mellor, Industry IoT Consortium, CTO
  • Daniel R. Isaacs, Digital Twin Consortium, CTO


IoT for SDGs: bridging the gap between present and future

Session panelists:

  • Marimuthu Swami Palaniswani, University of Melbourne, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director/Convener of Sensor Networks and Information Processing (ISSNIP)
  • Arkady Zaslavski, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, Professor of Distributed Systems & Security and Director of CITECORE 
  • Aravinda S. Rao, University of Melbourne, Research Fellow in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Nandakishor Desai, University of Melbourne, Professor and research fellow at the department of electrical and electronic engineering


Advanced IoT for Beyond 5G

Session panelists:

  • Akihiro Nakao, University of Tokyo, Director, Collaborative Research Institute for NGCI,Next-Generation Cyber Infrastructure
  • Teruo Higashino, Osaka University, Professor
  • Shingo Ata, Osaka University, Professor

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT): the Korean Experience

Session panelists:

  • Gyu Myoung Lee, Liverpool John Moores University, Professor at Liverpool John Moores University, UK and Professor at KAIST, Korea
  • Dong-Joo Kang, KAIST Institute for Information Technology Convergence, Team leader at KI ITC
  • Hyeontaek Oh, HAEZOOM Inc., R&D Director at HAEZOOM Inc. and Adjunct Professor at Busan National University

5G, IPV6 and Cloud Convergence in China

Session panelists:

  • Haisheng Yu (Johnson), Beijing Internet Institute, Director, Prospective Technology Lab
  • Wenyong Wang, UESTC, Profesor at UESTC and member of the expert committee of CERNET (China Education Research Network)
  • Yan Ma, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Professor and doctoral supervisor 
  • Janfei Li, China Unicom Research Institute, Senior Research Engineer, Future Network Research Center

The IPV6 Perspectives from South Asia

Session panelists:

  • Navaneethan C. Arjuman, IPv6 Forum Malaysia, Expert at International Telecommunication Union
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Ministry of IC of Vietnam, Director of Cooperation & Internet Resources Management at the VNNIC
  • Sinchai Kamolphiwong, IpV6 Task force Thailand

Paving the way to a connected subcontinent: the Indian Opportunity on IoT and Ipv6

Session panelists:

  • Satya Gupta, Bharat IPv6 Forum, ITU-APT Foundation of India and BLUETOWN, India & BIMSTEC, S. Asia
  • Anil Kumar Jain, National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), CEO
  • Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar, Aeris Communications India, President
  • Ezhil Buddhan, Dept. of Telecom, Chief General Manager, Broadband Networks, Network Operations Centre
  • B. Nagraj, Reliance JIO Infocomm, Head of Data Network Planning and Engineering Division

Inflight Digital Platform and revival of the Airline Industry

Session panelists:

  • Ajith Balakumar, Forthcode, CEO
  • Anand Srinivasan, Akasa Air, CIO
  • Cyril Jean, PXCom, CEO
  • Ingrid Wee, SATS Ltd, VP Travel Retail


Blockchain Applications in Africa

Session panelists:

  • Mohammed Essaaidi, ENSIAS Mohammed V University in Rabat, Professor
  • Monica Singer, South African Lead for Consensys Software Cape Town, Chartered Accountant
  • Pretty Kubyane, Coronet Blockchain, Co-Founder
  • Nini Rose Moru, Expert on Blockchain, Program Manager at Vatel Rwanda and co-founder of Prime Capital in Lesotho

Africa - EU Water Management Cooperation: Challenges and Perspectives

Session panelists:

  • Anna Brékine, Mandat International, Project Manager and a Researcher
  • Rob Hygate, eWater Services, Co-founder & CTO
  • Ramy Fathy, ITU - International Telecommunication Union, Vice Chairman of the ITU-T Study Group 20 (SG20)
  • Uta Wehn, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Associate Professor on Water Innovation Studies

All regions

Closing session - 24 Visions for a Better World

Session panelists:

  • Srdjan Krco, DunavNET, CEO of DunavNET and Vice-President of IoT Forum
  • John Lee, Internet Associates, CTO
  • Nuria De Lama, Atos, European Programs Manager, Atos Research & Innovation and Member of Board of Directors at BDVA
  • Satya Gupta, Bharat IPv6 Forum, ITU-APT Foundation of India and BLUETOWN, India & BIMSTEC, S. Asia
  • Damien Hanyurwimfura, University of Rwanda, Acting Director of the ACEIoT, College of Science and Technology

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Meet our Gold Sponsors

DEMETER is a Horizon 2020 project which aims to lead the digital transformation of Europe’s agri-food sector through the rapid adoption of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, data science and smart farming, ensuring its long-term viability and sustainability.

Twenty real-world pilot projects, grouped into five pilot clusters, are running within DEMETER to demonstrate and evaluate how agricultural innovations and extended capabilities can benefit farmers, agricultural providers, and society as a whole. These pilot clusters are related to arable crops, precision farming, fruit and vegetables, livestock health and welfare and the agri-food supply chain.

The project seeks to create a secure and sustainable European IoT technology and business ecosystem. DEMETER demonstrates the real-life potential of advanced, standards-based interoperability between IoT technologies by adapting and extending existing standards into an overarching Agricultural Information Model.  Furthermore, DEMETER is developing a Stakeholder Open Collaboration Space (SOCS) which is an online platform dedicated to all stakeholders (farmers, advisors, and suppliers) where they can collaborate, share best practices and participate in the co-creation processes.

Further information is available at or email

ERATOSTHENES, is a research project funded under H2020-SU-DS02-2020-d call, developing a solution on “Secure Management Of IoT Devices Lifecycle Through Identities, Trust And Distributed Ledgers”.

The project, coordinated by INLECOM INNOVATION (Greece), started on 1st October 2021 with a duration of 42 months. The 14-partners’ consortium offers an innovative solution by implementing a novel distributed, automated, auditable, privacy-respectful, Trust and Identity Management Framework to: i) dynamically and holistically manage the lifecycle of IoT devices, ii) strengthening trust, identities, privacy and resilience in the entire IoT ecosystem, iii) support enforcement of the NIS directive, GDPR and EC Cybersecurity Act. ERATOSTHENES organised a recent workshop on “Intelligent Trust and Identity Management towards a Secure IoT World – Research Challenges and Outcomes” with the participation of related projects on IoT trust/identity management: OLYMPUS (Oblivious identitY Management for Private and User-friendly Services) coordinated by the University of Murcia (Antonio Skarmeta), ARCADIAN-IoT (Autonomous Trust, Security and Privacy Management Framework for IoT) coordinated by Instituto Pedro Nunes (Sergio Figueiredo) and SECONDO (A Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era) coordinated by UPRC (Christos Xenakis)

Konstantinos Loupos

Head of R&D Program, ERATOSTHENES Coordinator


Institute of Software and Services Technologies (ITS) was founded on March 18, 1997, by a joint initiative of private companies, universities, professional associations, and government agencies.

Its activities are focused on the research, development, and operationalization of innovations in processes and services involving software, always focusing on the development of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry for public and private organizations, on the production of national knowledge, and the return on investments applied.

Composed of a team of skilled professionals and focuses on large and medium-sized projects, the most recent initiative is the creation of SAT Alliance, an open and non-profit organization to drive an environment for collaboration, improvement, and knowledge exchange concerning SAT Framework.

SAT Framework is an open standard framework for IoT/Fog/Edge Computing Cyber Security. For more information, please search for “buildwithsat” in social networks e join this brand new community, and contribute to building, implementing, and operating secure IoT/Fog/Edge Computing solutions, independently of the solution/application.

Founded in 1845, the National University of Ireland Galway has been inspiring students for 175 years. NUI Galway has earned international recognition as a research-led university with a commitment to top-quality teaching.