Javier Orozco – Messana

Javier Orozco – Messana

Ph. D. Javier Orozco – Messana lectures on materials science, ceramics, building sustainability and several scientific topics since 1986 at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. He has also lectured at Florida State University. Since April 2021 he joined DG CNECT from the European Commission as Seconded National Expert.

He was Research & Development manager in several private companies (AIMME, Lladro, Autocares Luz) since 1990 to 2004, where he managed different research projects at European, national and regional level.

For 6 years he was secretary at the Valencia Association for Industrial Engineers and apart from his academic responsibilities he was Director for International Affairs at UPV for 14 years.

Since last April 2021 he is acting as Project Officer within unit C3 in DG CNECT at the European Commission on a temporal position as Seconded National Expert. His duties include the implementation of EU policy within the Digital Europe Programme among other initiatives.

His main research fields are photovoltaic materials, building sustainability, fibre reinforced concrete, performance evaluation and active learning in higher education. For specific references a more detailed list can be found here: http://jorozco.blogs.upv.es/.