Kapil Jain

Kapil Jain

Senior IT professional with strong Architecture, Product and Program Management skills. Solution focused with expertise in designing and implementing operational, strategic and compliance IT solutions and offering over 20 years of experience in developing /enhancing /maintaining BFSI IT applications. Experience with cross functional distributed Global Teams (USA, UK, EU/Nordic). Over 10+ years of experience in working with corporate payments, and cash management products.

Subject matter expert and architect for infrastructure and products with Blockchain and Distributed ledger technology.

Over 5+ years of experience working in Data analytics and data science looking to integrate AI/ML models for business contract management, payment analytics and various product optimisation use cases.

5 years of work and personal experience exploring and learning blockchain technology (Public and Permissioned blockchains).

Author : Bitcoin Blockchain : A Protocol for Micropayments, Link : Amazon, Published by BPB Publishers, Aug 2020

Blockchain Education Courses : Introduction to Bitcoin Development | BSV Academy (bitcoinsv.academy)

Currently working as a Solutions Architect with Blockchain R&D company, nChain UK Ltd. in infrastructure and commercial products using bsv blockchain. Extensively working on Light client infrastructure, Digital Identity and Data integrity with blockchain.