Tanya Suarez

Tanya Suarez

Tanya Suarez

CEO and Co-Founder, BluSpecs and IoT Tribe

Tanya Suárez: LLB (HONS) and PhD candidate in ICT – IoT Tribe, Founder – BluSpecs, CEO – AIOTI, Board Member

Founder of IoT Tribe, an equity-free accelerator that brings start-ups and corporates together to do business. Our current programme, IoT Tribe North is based at the Digital Media Centre, Barnsley, UK, and is supporting 9 IoT start-ups across multiple domains to improve their products, gain market traction and secure investment for growth. IoT Tribe arose from Startup Scaleup, the Startup Europe IoT accelerator which supported 132 startups through hubs in Dublin, Madrid-Cartagena, Vilnius and Zoetermeer.

A firm believer that there can be no strategy without innovation, I also founded BluSpecs team, a boutique innovation agency with a passion for embracing disruption through market-driven innovation and co-creation across multiple sectors. Engagements have included exploring the potential impact of blockchain technologies, user acceptance of IoT, corporate venturing and defining Internet of Things business models. We are proud partners in the CREATE-IoT consortium, funded by the European Commission to enable the 5 IoT Large Scale Pilots (Smart cities, Active aging, Wearables, Smart farming and Autonomous vehicles) in to find synergies and work together on areas of common interest such as interoperability, data privacy, cybersecurity, ecosystem building and more.

My work as an evaluator for the European Commission’s SME instrument gives me the opportunity to interact with incredibly talented and passionate innovators from across Europe.

I also really enjoy moderating innovation panels or speaking at industry events. an I am a member of several Advisory Boards on start-up initiatives and a member of Tech London Advocates and Tech Spain Advocates. I have recently been elected to the board of the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOITI), an industry body set up to promote IoT adoption. I also contribute to TechTarget’s Internet of Things Agenda.

I have one foot in London, another foot in Madrid and frequently wish I had more feet to spend time across Europe and the world.